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E.D:RPG Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game

Like so many who were intrigued by the Elite Dangerous RPG I have very fond memories of spending way too many hours sitting in front of my BBC Micro playing Elite back in the 80's.  It was a groundbreaking computer game at the time, the wireframe graphics, the sense of movement, the freedom to go where you wanted and to choose your own path within the game.  Be a bounty hunter, smuggler, trader, go rogue and be hunted by the forces of law enforcement.  The idea that you could control your own story was really something new.  Since then Elite has seen a couple of resurgences, most recently making full use of the benefits of online gaming to take the immersive gaming experience a step further.

So would there actually be a market for a tabletop RPG set in the Elite universe?  While I loved the idea on a nostalgic level I was sceptical.  Roleplayer's are generally a very loyal bunch; to bring a game like Elite to the table you need to have something that hasn't really been the…

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