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Remembering Culloden

Last Thursday, 16th April,  was the anniversary of a battle took which place on Drumossie Moor in 1746, the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil. It was here that the Jacobites lost their final stand against Government forces, and the quest to restore the Stuarts to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland was effectively ended.  This year, instead of pipes and flags, and people paying their respects the field was quiet.  But it was still remembered.
John Roy Stewart was a military commander In the army of Prince Charles Stuart, but he was also a poet. Often referred to now as "The Bard of Culloden".  His poem The Day of Culloden recounts the events of the fateful battle from a man who witnessed it first hand. 
The Day of Culloden (“Latha Chuil-Lodair”) Great are the depths of my sorrow  As I mourn for the wounds of my land; My King, stay strong so you are able All of our foes to withstand; Over us Duke William is a tyrant,
 A vile rogue with hate for us all…

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