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Mutant Mechatron

Mechatron is  the second major expansion to the award-winning post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying game, Mutant Year Zero (MYZ)  by Free League Publishing. Just like the first expansion Genlab Alpha, Mechatron both stands alone as game setting and yet integrates completely with what has come before allowing youth play games either solely focussed around the robot characters of Mutant Mechatron or to bring those robot characters into your wider MYZ campaign.

Well, its been a while since the PDF was released to backers of the Kickstarter, and its even been a while since the physical book landed on my doorstep. I’ve had a good chance to read and enjoy Mutant Mechatron - but, I haven’t had time to play it, and I really wanted to before I wrote any kind of review.  That however doesn’t look like happening for a while, so rather than wait any longer I’m going to write about what I’m hoping for when I do get around to running it.  That way I might get to follow up with another post sometim…

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