Did I say I'm running Forbidden Lands?

Every year I know that ReuniCon is coming up as soon as I start to get emails from publishers and games producers/writers looking to give their products one last push ahead of GenCon and the Ennie awards.  One of the real pleasures in being part of the organisation of something like ReuniCon is getting to line up the games that we will be playing.

Forbidden Lands box set contents
For my part I've got an interesting track record of running Ennie Award related games at ReuniCon and it looks like this year will continue that trend.  Forbidden Lands, from Fria Ligan has been nominated in five categories and for my money it stands out as having a real good chance of picking up some of those prizes (nominated in Best Setting, Best Cartography, Product of the Year, Best Rules, Best Production Values).

What I like about Forbidden Lands is the fact that it really is a new take on an old theme, it feels truly "Old School", it evokes that classic fantasy genre but is actually fresh and different.  Of course in a four hour slot at ReuniCon I'm not going to do its campaign features much justice, we won't be troubling the rules for creating character strongholds or what characters get up to between their adventures.  But hopefully I'll still do the game justice and give players a feel for something new that many won't yet have played.

I'm also doing something which is very out of the ordinary for me; I'm bringing along some miniatures and really investing some time in tabletop battle maps, normally this isn't my thing, but again its great to have an opportunity to do something new and fresh at an event like ReuniCon.

You can find full details of the Ennie awards and cast your votes here: http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/  Unfortunately voting closes on the 21st July, before ReuniCon - so you won't get a chance to play in my game before deciding how to cast your vote.  But do take a few minutes to have a look at the nominees and vote, it can make a real difference to the success of new games and can really open up opportunities for new writers, publishers and product lines.


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