First content in the library

So, it hasn't taken too long and we have posted the first few items of the older, more popular content that we have hosted on over the last few years.  In the library you will now find

YOLO - Last Bullet Edition.  Our lightweight game of Zombie Apocalypse survival.
The first three weapon card decks for use with Savage Worlds; modern, improvised and WWII (British & German) weapons.
Cthulhian  Charades and Taboo cards, classic games for those who think they know their mythos.
Resources for Dark Continent; pre-gen characters, character sheet, expedition sheet and bibliography of readily available African explorers books.
Hang Them At Bear Springs and resources for Sixgun - The Game of the Western.  Includes the Hang Them At Bear Springs scenario and the full Bear Springs setting, a Wells Fargo stagecoach rules poster and a set of eight pre-generated characters.
There is still more to come over the weekend, but its a start.  


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