welcome to miskatonic.co.uk
Since its inception in 2000, miskatonic.co.uk has been through a number of iterations and revisions, but has only been "off air" for a few weeks in all that time.  Most recently we were the victim of hackers who attacked one of the plugins in our wordpress site and corrupted many of our posts linking them to some very unsavoury content.

So here we are again, rebooting the site with  a view to making it a little bit more secure, more cost effective and less time intensive to manage.  Given the corrupted posts we have ditched  almost all of the blog content and will be starting from scratch - with this, our first new post - initially we were upset about this, but on reflection who cares about a long dead kickstarter or a review of something which has since been revised?  No we think a clean start is the way to go.

We are also going to simplify things a little; focus on what we really like doing. So the blog will be restricted to a few simple categories. We will have a news category, for things like this announcement and other similar content about miskatonic - maybe it will be pointers to new content in the library (see later), but generally it will be "about" this website.  We are also going to stick with a category for reviews - there possibly won't be as many as we had, but from time to time I think that there is something out there that deserves a review (be it a good one or not).  Kickstarters will get their own category - its hard to review a kickstarter, but I like to flag those which I think are worthy or have significance for the roleplaying hobby.  Then finally there will be a category for projects.  We had a lot of interest in the build a dungeon project and that's almost complete now so we may try and revisit that series, but in general this will be a category to share what I'm currently working on.

Beyond the blog we will be rebuilding the Library Stacks - this might take a little longer to do as I need to think about file hosting, making stuff easily presentable and simple to maintain.  we have some ideas about this so you shouldn't have to wait too long.  The aim will be to make sure that our more popular downloads are available quickly (Ctthulian Charades, Savage worlds weapons cards and so on).

Anyway, miskatonic.co.uk "The Home of Fearful Imagination" is undergoing a bit of a reboot between now and the end of August - feel free to visit us over this period, but don't be surprised if you see lots of changes in that time, or if there isn't much in the way of new content.

Thanks for sticking with us,


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